industrial engineering for metal forming and manufacturing and operating metal molds

Factory and technical workshop specialized in industrial engineering for metal forming and manufacturing and operating metal molds
We compete with the largest metal forming factories in Egypt
Auto feeding industries in Egypt
We provide feeder industries in auto parts, home appliances and accessories
We have the efficiency of supplying copper and metal tools feeding the light and heavy industries
Our factories work in all types of metals such as aluminum, zama, copper, iron, and stainless steel
Like all types and shapes of copper tubes and sheet metal fabrication
Where we produce metal parts that are used in the manufacture of aluminum accessories, aluminum sector accessories, door accessories, electrical and household materials feeding industries, televisions, air conditioning, gas stoves, refrigerator industries supplies, automotive industry supplies, aluminum sectors, street lights and sanitary ware.
Our products are complementary to many industries within the Egyptian market, of which more than 70% are imported.
One of the feeding markets for the metal forming industry, China, Europe and Turkey
The factory works under the supervision of a large elite of engineers specialized in the metallurgical industries and well-trained workers
The quality and efficiency of our products is equal to more than 95% of the Italian and European imported products for the high quality of the raw materials
With the lowest cost in competition with the imported product
To be ready for workshops and factories
We are not limited to providing services to the local market only, but we also export outside Egypt to industrial countries
We work for others and export to all countries
Export of HVAC parts and metal parts
We provide factories to import complementary electrical supplies from Egypt
Importing air conditioning manufacturing supplies from the Egyptian metal forming factory
Importing complementary metal procedures for the household appliances and electrical appliances industries
Importing auto parts from Egypt
Therefore, our factory is considered one of the suppliers and feeders to others in the fields of operating and forming all kinds of metals, making molds and implementing all kinds of spare parts for production lines
Metal injection and forming
Including methods, forging and rolling operations, drawing coin, bending process, vaulting process, punching process, straightening process, turning process, skimming process, milling process
Pressing process The hammering process using hammers and rams
Extrusion process for the production of pipes, bars and ingots
Whether it is free hammering between two flat surfaces or pressing in the so-called molds inside the metal die-pressing moulds
Including forming metals by pressing without breaking or being damaged
Production stages in our factory
1- Choosing the finest metal alloy ores
2- It is melted in furnaces designated for melting metals at the temperatures designated for it
3- Metal injection into machines to form metal forming machines
4- Cracking according to the required shape and sizes
5- Grinding: to remove the excess after forming the metal
6- Repent and function
8- The metal enters the washing tunnel
10- Drying
11- Then it enters the oven for the ELECTROLYTIC coating process
12- Select the required parts and dispense with the extras
13-Quality: Sorting the product that conforms to the specifications
14- Product testing before packaging
15- Packaging in appropriate boxes

 : Various Fields
M22 Block M25 Block
M13 , M16 , M18 , M20 , M21 Nut
M1 , M5 , M8 Valve
M19 Pin
M36 Sensor Base
M10 Parts
M7 , M23 Connector
M26 Shaft
M9 Bush
M11 Gear