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New tech Factory of copper air conditioning pipes Copper tube in Egypt

2 Roll continuous rolling mill this mill is used for continuous cold rolling of copper rod , with advantages of high efficiency , lower power consumption and capability of reinforcing crystal structure of copper rods .
the whole line consists of pay -off unit, horizontal -vertical replacing rolling mechanism, master motor , master reducer , take-up unit, thin-oil lubrication system and emulsion system .
the guiding device guarantees copper rod goes through the main machine straight.
the distance between clamping wheels can be adjusted by rotating the handwheel.
there are guides ahead and behind each rolling strand.
the odd strands use the sliding guides and the even strands use the rolling guides.
the shape of rolling guide ahead roller is the same as the coming copper rod from the last strand.
the main transmission is drived by D.C motor which is linked with the reducer box by coupling.
the power is separated into two parts for horizontal-vertical rolling mechanism respectively .
All the rolling mechanisms are linked with gear couplings.
To improve the surface quality of the copper rod, all the rollers and guides are cooled and lubricated by the emulsion when rolling.
Emulsion in the emulsion station goes through the main pipe to the rollers and guides,then goes back to the emulsion station through the return trough on the big bottom case.
thin-oil in the oil tank goes through the pump filter oil pipe in the strands and reducer box to lubricate the gears and bearings, then goes back to the tank through the DG40 pipe.
the take-up speed can be adjusted steplessly .
Better quality , Better choice !

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration :
R1 , R2 ,R3 ,R5 , R6 , R7 ,R8 , R9 , R12 , R15 , R17 , R19 , R20 , R22 , R24 , R25, R27 , R29 , R40 , R56 , R57, R73 , R74 Copper & Brass Manifold
R14 , R41 , R47 , R49 , R75 , R76 Copper Manifold
R37 , R42 Copper Manifold-Part
R23 , R77 Copper-Tube
R33 , R34 , R58 Valve
R60 Sensor Well
R31 , R32 , R36 , R39 , R61 , R62 , R63 , R64 , R65 Distributor
R38 , R52 , R53 , R54 Return-Bend
R45 , R48 , R50 , R51 , R55 Connect-Tube
R59 , R66 , R69 , R70 Half-Union
R71 , R72 Brass-Union
R35 L-Connector
R68 Brass-Connector
R67 Brass-Nut
R4 Header
R43 , R44 Condenser

The insulation copper tube produced by our company are mainly used in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. We can provide you with customized services with special specifications